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At Discover-NOW we deliver a broad range of research projects for our clients. Below you can find examples of some of the projects we have worked on, and continue to work on, and the impact they have had on patients, the public and healthcare systems.

Retrospective analysis of the burden of vaso–occlusive events experienced by sickle cell disease (SCD) patients

Quantifying the frequency of VOCs in patients with SCD over 16 years of age and the healthcare resource utilisation of this group across North West London’s healthcare system.

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Albuminuria and the emergence of vascular problems in people with Type 2 Diabetes

Understanding the association between varying degrees of albuminuria and the development of vascular multi-morbidities in people with T2DM who have developed stage 3a CKD (CKD3a). Additionally, quantifying the prescription of medications beneficial in delaying CKD progression and reducing the risk of co-morbid disorders.

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Multimorbidity and health service utilisation amongst individuals with Non-Diabetic Hyperglycaemia and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

We aimed to measure the emergence of co-morbid health problems and healthcare service use in people diagnosed with NDH and T2DM. We also aimed to see if there were any differences in outcomes between the two conditions.

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Involving underrepresented groups: How unpaid carers influenced our data analysis

Read how the North West London Networked Data Lab explored unpaid carers’ needs, health issues, and care pathways through public involvement and analysis of linked datasets.

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