Retrospective studies

Discover-NOW provides safe and secure access to one of Europe’s largest deidentified linked health datasets, and together with our team of expert analysts and health economists this means we can support the delivery of large-scale retrospective studies across a broad range of conditions and patient cohorts.


Retrospective case studies

Understanding the impact of bariatric surgery on patients with severe mental health illness

 There was a common perception that pre-existing psychiatric disorder plays a role in post-operative outcomes, but no studies had been carried out in the UK to examine whether this is the case.

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Asthma prevalence, morbidity and risk factors in children and young people in North West London

Examining the burden of asthma and risk of poor outcomes in children and young people in North West London.

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How we work with you

Our highly skilled team of analysts will work closely
with you to assess your objectives, advise on the
appropriate data set and conduct the analysis on
your behalf.

We generate high quality evidence and
reports which are suitable for academic publication. Examples of how we can support you include:

  • Map patient outcomes as a result of specific
  • Evaluate prescribing patterns, patterns of referrals, patient and clinician behaviours
  • Examine evidence of adherence/lack of adherence to clinical guidelines.
  • Identify treatment gaps and the subsequent impacts.
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Other services

AI and machine learning

Develop and test predictive AI approaches to determine if your technologies are effective and scalable.

Artificial intelligence (AI and machine learning)

Feasibility studies

Run complex and powerful searches over the rich deidentified linked dataset of 2.3m population to inform protocol design and study feasibility.

Feasibility studies

Health implementation

We have available a pre-consent diverse population of nearly 8000 citizens. Combined with our specialised recruitment tool our team will accelerate the patient recruitment process and rapidly define protocols. We also offer expertise in retrospective analysis to help you estimate the effect of your interventions.

Health implementation

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