Health economic evaluations

Discover-NOW can support the evaluation of a new product or intervention through analysis of clinical, population and economic data.

Our expert team can generate insights and evidence in relation to patient benefit and / or value for money by linking health outcome and cost data, supporting you to make informed decisions about treatments and interventions. We also provide innovators/ new products with the real world evidence as required by regulators to support agile market access. We are exploring providing real world evidence to support value based pricing.


Health economic evaluation case studies

Bridging the gap in heart failure detection, diagnosis and treatment

In July 2021, ICHP launched a new dashboard which uses real-world data to help identify gaps in HF detection, diagnosis and treatment, broken down by geographical region in England.

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Predicting Complications in Diabetes Patients

Through the Risk Algorithms for Decision Support and Adverse Outcomes Reduction (RADAR) project we are aiming to develop and test data-driven apps and dashboards, that deliver better information visualisation and decision support directly to front-line clinicians and patients.

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How we work with you

Our specialist team of health economic
evaluation analysts, specialist clinical leads
and project managers will work with you to:

  • Generate the answers to your questions.
  • Provide evidence to support the development of business / investment case.
  • Provide insights to communicate to stakeholders, payers and regulators.
  • Provide the best evidence available on the subject to ensure informed decisions.
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Other services

Patient identification and recruitment

Using leading edge tools such as FARSITE and the North West London Research Register to help find and match patients to clinical trials.

Patient identification and recruitment

AI and machine learning

Develop and test predictive AI approaches to determine if your technologies are effective and scalable.

Artificial intelligence (AI and machine learning)

Health implementation

Ensure learnings from your research can deliver real world impact for patients.

Health implementation

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