We’re transforming the delivery of healthcare by bringing life sciences, health-tech, academia and the NHS together through data.

Our team will work with you throughout the lifespan of your project to accommodate your needs. Whether that’s for developing new treatments or managing health conditions more effectively, it’s our blend of our services, our expertise, our data and partnerships which makes working with us the ideal solution to get results.

Our services

Discover-NOW enables research through...

Feasibility studies

Run complex and powerful searches over the rich deidentified linked dataset of 2.5m population to inform protocol design and study feasibility.

Feasibility studies

Retrospective studies

Generate data driven insights and analysis into populations and cohorts, using the rich linked longitudinal health and care data.

Retrospective studies

Patient identification and recruitment

Using leading edge tools such as FARSITE and the North West London Research Register to to help find and match patients to clinical trials.

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Health economic evaluations

Support the evaluation of new products or interventions through analysis of real world evidence

Health economic evaluations

AI and machine learning

Develop and test predictive AI approaches to determine if your technologies are effective and scalable

Artificial intelligence (AI and machine learning)

Health implementation

Ensure learnings from your research can deliver real world impact for patients.

Health implementation

Case studies of our services

At Discover-NOW through our services we deliver a broad range of research projects for our clients. Take a look at our case studies which bring to life the projects we have worked on, and continue to work on, and the impact they have had on patients, the public and healthcare systems.

Case Studies

The data

Discover-NOW supports access to one of the largest depersonalised linked health data sets in Europe which brings together real-world patient health data, in a safe, secure and Trusted Research Environment (TRE). Initially this is across a population of more than 2.3 million in North West London, then scaling to nearly 9 million across London and beyond over time.

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