Health Research Register reaches 70,000 patients

NWL Health Research Register (NWLHRR), a directory of patients who have consented to be contacted for research purposes, has reached 70,000 participants. This major milestone for the Register, which launched in 2018 as a means to bridge the gap between the public and research communities, means that health researchers can now connect to thousands of willing participants who could potentially get involved in their health research project.

Numerous studies that have already recruited patients from the register have demonstrated its value by turning their research into tangible benefits for patients and the public. The RADAR (Risk Algorithms for Decision Support and Adverse Outcomes Reduction) project, a collaboration between NWL, ICHP, ICL, AZ and MyWay Digital Health funded by the Health Foundation and HDR UK, used the NWL HRR to recruit patients for its final phase, an evaluation of risk prediction tools for Diabetes. Six patients were recruited through the Register, to take part in the evaluation and provide feedback on the tools.

Not only did this evidence-generation allow researchers to rapidly test their research ideas, participants provided crucial feedback on the usability and accessibility of the tools, as well as demonstrating a real appetite for the use of this type of tool and the desire to engage more with their own data. The Register, which allows patients to select the types that of trials and projects they would like to be contacted about, is a huge step forward in supporting true co-design.  

NWLHRR is supported by Discover-NOW, the health data research hub for real-world evidence that works with Industry and Academia to ensure the safe and appropriate use of health data for research purposes. The Register offers a range of services to researchers including real world studies and identification of patients and public who would are interested in taking part in research, as well as the opportunity to assess whether their studies are feasible to carry out in North West London. 70,000 registered participants is a large dataset to pull from and means that it’s more likely to be reflective of the health of our population and we’re more able to recruit to more specialist and rare condition trials.

Joining the Register is simple and patients can tailor their preferences to ensure only consent to the research opportunities most relevant to them.

All you have to do is give your name, sex, postcode and date of birth. Once you have signed up, you will be contacted about research opportunities relevant to you and be able to choose whether or not you take part. All your details are stored on a secure NHS register.

The more people that join NWL Health Research Register, the more people that will potentially participate in research, helping to create a healthier future for all.

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